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Max Q began operations in 1970 carrying out investigative hydraulic testing of stormwater inlet capture.  This was aimed at design of an efficient grate, and was followed by publication of Queensland’s first comprehensive inlet capture charts and marketing of the Manning grate in 1971.

Since then Max Q has continued to improve the design of the Manning and to offer companion grates of the same size.  Following introduction of the Drainway system, an initiative of Queensland’s Local Government Engin-eers, Max Q has also produced grates and covers for that excellent system.

Max Q now does its research and inlet calibration on the full scale rig at the University of South Australia.

The firm aims to investigate new products and provide Civil Engineering Designers with attractive grates and inlets supported by the necessary manuals, capture charts, design aids and engineering drawings

Looking along the hydraulic model 1970
Full scale rig – University of South Australia
Capture at the Manning grate 1970


Australian owned and operated.
Design and manufacture of components for inlets to Stormwater drainage systems.
Maximum hydraulic efficiency of inlet components for lowest cost capture of approach flow – hence the name Max Q.
Fully quality controlled production.

Standards Australia - Quality Endorsed Company - Licence No 11222

Phone: 07 3832 3323
Fax: 07 3832 3321

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