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Northlakes Estate :

  This estate for 25 000 persons, just to the north of Brisbane in the newly constituted Moreton Bay Regional Council, has been an outstanding success from its opening in the late 1990s. Stormwater inlets, based on the Manning grate and chosen as a matter of policy before a stone was turned in construction, have been used exclusively. Of particular importance to the developers in making this choice were the child safe 90mm kerb openings for which the inlets are calibrated. In addition the pedestrian and bicycle friendliness of the narrow longitudinal slots and the quality and aesthetic appeal of cast iron were important considerations

Sanctuary Cove :

Sanctuary Cove
  This world class development on Queensland’s Gold Coast is an integrated golf, boating and residential resort with prestigious waterfront and golf course property. It comprises three harbours, marina, marine village, two golf courses, recreation complex, a Hyatt Regency five-star resort hotel, waterfront and golf course villas and other first class residential property. From its inception and opening at a concert on the site in 1988 at which Frank Sinatra was the star performer the development has used Manning grated inlets exclusively.

Signal Developments :

Sovereign Islands
  Since it was introduced in 1971 the Manning grate has been chosen for some of Queensland’s most well known developments. These include Sanctuary Cove, the adjacent prestigious Hope Island development and the exclusive Sovereign Islands Residential Development in the Southport Broadwater. Just as notable in their own way were the dedicated coal mining townships in Central Queensland where the Manning grated inlets were used exclusively. These included the specially constructed townships of Tieri and Middlemount.

Excellence Award :

  In the year 2000 the Institution of Engineers, Australia awarded the firm a High Commendation, in their Engineering Excellence Awards for that year. The award was in recognition of Max Q’s long history of investigation and design of stormwater inlets in Queensland, their contribution to inlet design and in particular Max Q’s interactive design capture programs and their derivation.

Frequently asked questions :

Q. What advantages do Max Q inlets have over alternatives?
A. Max Q inlet design seeks to maximise Capture efficiency, Child, Pedestrian, Bicycle and Vehicular safety and Trafficability. Inlets include shorter options that are ideal wherever development aesthetics are important. For comparisons visit the Drainage Design section of the web site.
Q. Does grate design influence inlet capture?
A. Yes, appreciably.
Q. For systems designed using Max Q inlet capture charts or design aids, must the appropriate Max Q grate be specified?
A. Yes. To ensure the system operates as designed, the Max Q grate must be specified.
Q. Might a design be compromised by specifying a particular product?
A. Definitely not. Designers should choose, design for and specify the inlet that is in their client’s best interest. That done, designers should not permit substitutions, particularly substitute grates.
Q. Are Max Q grates always price competitive?
A. All grate suppliers have access to Max Q products at reasonable wholesale rates that permit them to sell at competitive prices.
Q. Are construction costs using Max Q grates competitive?
A. Inlet construction costs using Manning size grates are appreciably less, due to savings in excavation and concrete, than inlets using larger grates and pits.
Q. Do Max Q design charts and interactive design aids give the same result for inlet capture?
A. Yes.

Grate replacement :

Grate replacement using the Manning
  The Manning grate, in particular, is widely used by Local Authorities for inlet upgrades to replace grates of all kinds including those built originally with larger pits. Advantages of the Manning design and size for improved child safety, pedestrian safety, bicycle safety and trafficability, without compromising inlet capture, are set out in the Drainage Design section of the web site. A construction manual for installation of the Manning size grates on larger pits is available on request.

Drainway cover replacement :

Mannflow grate replacing concrete infill cover
  Early Drainway covers, of concrete infill design with an insecure hinge mechanism are now regarded as an unacceptable work safety risk. The preferred replacement is the Mannflow grate. This grate may be securely hinged on a pin spanning between adaptors mounted in the old hinge cavities. The Mannflow grate, which fits the existing frame, has 17mm longitudinal slots to improve inlet capture while providing a surface that is very bicycle and pedestrian friendly.

Roma Street Parklands :

Hazen grate at city parklands
  When these parklands were developed on the old markets site of inner city Brisbane Max Q was approached to suggest a stormwater inlet that would not be visually intrusive. The 600 x 300 Hazen grate which aligns with the width of the 300mm kerb side channel was suggested and as a flow rated grate was immediately acceptable. Capture capability of the Hazen is set out in the Kerbway design manual.

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