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Field Inlets Manual
The System

Field inlets by definition are located flush with surface level in sags or slow moving ponds that permit flow capture into inlets from all directions.  Capture up to 120mm inflow depth is by weir action over the perimeter changing as depth of flow increases to full orifice action through apertures between grate bars at around 430mm.
Separation, by more than 2m of grates of Manning and Telford size, allows inlets to act independently.


Manning grates with slot widths of 17mm  complying  with AS 3996 Clause 3.3.5 are preferred except for mowed areas when the wider apertures of the Telford grate are preferred.


The capture curves provide for up to 8 individual connected inlets.

Capture Charts

Capture curves for field inlets, are derived from  full scale testing at the Urban  Water Resources Centre of the University of South Australia combined with the Searcy Formulae.

Design Drawings

The manual includes full construction drawings for field inlets.

Field Inlets Manual   (DOWNLOAD PDF FILE   0.3MB)

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