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Drainway Design Manual
The System

Max Q’s Drainway Plus is calibrated as a lip-in-line inlet system based on precast components as illustrated on the manual cover (see opposite), which give it a quality advantage over its competitors.  It is calibrated for 100mm child safe kerb openings satisfying Qudm 7.04.2 and 7.05.3.   The 600 deep grates require that the kerb line at the inlet be set back 150 to 300mm depending on the channel width. The inlets are suitable for all classes of road from arterials and highways to residential roads.


The Maxflow vaned grate is the most hydraulically efficient but the Mannflow with 17mm wide slots is the most pedestrian friendly, comfortably satisfying ped-estrian safety requirements of Clause 3.3.5 of AS 3996. As a result the Mannflow, rather than the hydraulically inefficient cover, is now the preferred unit for residential areas as well as other pedestrian precincts. Both grates perform well across the range of approach grades from 0.25% to 16%.

Capture Charts

Capture curves to 2500 L/s of roadway flow are based on comprehensive half scale testing at the Urban  Water Resources Centre of the University of South Australia. An interactive capture design aid is also downloadable.

Design Drawings

The manual includes a construction drawing for inlets with kerb inlet lengths of 1350, 2700 and 4250mm.

Drainway Manual   (DOWNLOAD PDF FILE  1.1MB)

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